Search Optics Becomes First Certified Partner in Auto Audience Network

Speed Shift Media today announced that Search Optics®, one of the nation’s leading digital marketing solutions providers with a specialty in automotive, has become the first certified partner for the Auto Audience™ Network (AAN), powered by Speed Shift Media. In early use of the network, Search Optics has realized 2% click through rates and 20% ad engagement rates to deliver high value and a high rate of return to its clients.”

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Testing out Google’s New Ad Extensions for 2014

In a previous post, we wrote about Google’s new Ad Rank algorithm and how simply adding a few ad extensions can improve your clickthrough rate and overall campaign performance. For 2014, Google has included even more extensions for you to take advantage of and test.

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Taking a Proactive Approach to Google’s Latest Penguin Update

Almost two decades ago, Google set out to organize the vast amounts of information available on the web and change the way people connect with that information. Shortly after its inception, the company was recognized by PC Magazine for its “uncanny knack for returning extremely relevant results.”

To ensure a user-friendly experience, Google has worked on refining its search results by eliminating poor quality sites and pushing unique, valuable content to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Part of this strategy includes algorithms, computer programs that use unique signals or clues to guess what you may be looking for.

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Using Data Aggregators vs. Actively Managing Local Directory Listings

Starting local search can be a daunting task. There are so many directory sites that it can be difficult or intimidating to think about just making sure your business’ information is showing up correctly. Different data aggregators claim to ensure they can take care of this for you. This begs the question: is it better to work directly with the local directory sites or with a data aggregator?

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Developing an Integrated Marketing Strategy: Digital Display and Video

According an article from eMarketer companies invest — on average — approximately 40% of their advertising budget in TV. However, the following information gathered in the 2013 AOL Mega-Audience Survey: suggests TV is increasingly being supplemented and even replaced by digital display and video advertising:

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